Customising Wigs


Wonda Wigs are passionate about producing high quality customised wigs

We are a UK based independent retailer of  High Quality Human Hair wigs, Lace fronts, heat resistant synthetic wigs, hair pieces bespoke wigs, vintage wigs, custom made wigs, and accessories. Most of our wigs are customised. This means that we change our wigs regularly to keep up with fashion trends and seasonal colours.

We offer a bespoke wig making service. This is a made to order service.  We have in-house experience and expertise in the designing and styling of our wigs. We also supply to small Theatre, TV and Production Companies, and we have a range of stock wigs that are popular with Tribute bands, including ready to wear look-a-like celebrity wigs. You can contact us with your requests for any of these services. Send your enquiry to, where we will be happy to assist you.

Our Cosplay and ‘through the era’ customised wigs offer a unique opportunity to purchase a vintage styled wig. We hold some 1950’s blonde bombshell wigs, and favourite leading ladies brunette wigs from the 1950’s and 60’s era. We customise 1970’s style wigs and you can send us a request for any of our ‘through the era’ styled wigs. If you also need hats as accessories to these vintage styled wigs we can also assist with that request.

We generally hold a range of Cosplay style wigs that can further be customised to your favourite character. These wigs are great choice for fancy dress and themed party events, and can be worn time and time again.

Celebrity styled wigs are becoming more popular and the demand is greater than ever. We have styled celebrity type wigs for our customers; whether it is for a performance or just to celebrate a particular event. These are fun to wear and offer a great opportunity for look-a-like artists to finalise their look. In addition to this, our bespoke wigs, vintage wigs, and custom made wigs are fast becoming popular with customers often wanting a unique look to their own personal taste.

Our wigs are made to a high standard; and we understand the needs of customer specific requirements and wherever possible we try to exceed those expectations. We have worked hard to ensure that all of our customers have a good experience when shopping with us, and we have achieved this by producing high quality wigs and hair pieces to suit all budgets.

We offer a wig cleaning service where we can tidy up your old favourite wigs. You may have several wigs that need some attention for example, and you have not worn them for a long time, let us take a look at them, and see if we can bring some life back into your old wig. We take pride in our cleaning service and in most of the cases we are able to make the the wig ready to wear again. For pricing and more information about this service you can email us with your request.

If you are interested in our service that provides bespoke wigs, vintage wigs, custom made wigs get in touch with us.

Please note that we respect your privacy and provide a discreet service.